Monday, April 18, 2011

Party On!

I love my Granny. She's beautiful, hilarious, feisty, blunt as can be, and just plain sweet. Oh, and did I mention that she's 93 years old? My Mom and I own our own jewelry and accessory business called Poetic Culture. We sell our handcrafted, one-of-a-kind products through trunk shows held in the homes of hostesses. Well, Granny has been curious about these shows we've been doing, so she decided to have one herself. I thought her idea was pretty doggone clever. So, Mom and I loaded up good ole Nellie (my Ford Expedition) and headed to Granny's place. She was definitely the hostess with the mostess! Here are some pics from our wild-and-crazy evening:

I had fun taking pics around Granny's house:

I took pics of her pics.

Here is my Grams' graduation pic:

Here is Granny when she was about 25ish (according to her):

Here is a pic of me Grams and her brother when they were wee little ones (spoken with Irish accent):

Check out what my Gramps made to hold da Mom's beads:

Remember that nifty quilt that I got from Goodwill for $1.99?? If not, click HERE. If so, check out how I am now using it:

Yep, I'm using it in our trunk show displays!


  1. We did have a lot of fun! And Granny is already talking about 'the next time'!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a sweet comment! Your trunk show looks fabulous! And your Granny sounds like the best!


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