Thursday, April 14, 2011

{The Canning Process: Jewelry Edition}

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Canning jewelry? Who woulda thunk it? Well, let's just say I needed a quick and cute way to package my Poetic Culture jewelry to donate as a door prize for a local women's conference. I wanted the jewelry to be visible through the packaging and cute, of course. Us gals are all about the cuteness, right? So, after thinking about it, I decided to use mason jars as my packaging device. After the smoke cleared (from all the thinking I did--ouch!), I whipped out my trusty can of black spray paint and gave the jar lids a good coat. I put some hot pink paper shred in the bottom of the jar and placed two earring cards, taped back-to-back, in the jar. I embellished the inside of the jar with a few black feathers. I'm into feathers, like pretty hardcore. I placed the lids on the jars and tied them up with some black tulle and hot pink ribbons. Of course, I included a Poetic Culture business card! Finally, I attached fabric flower brooches to the tops of the lids. They are decorative and they can be worn! Holla! And that's it, folks. Here are some pics:


  1. Okay, that is ADORABLE! What an awesome idea! That would be such a fun gift to get . . . I have about a bazillion baby food jars that I've been saving--I knew they'd come in handy for something someday--I'm going to save a few for the next time I give someone a jewelry gift!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. what a cute idea!!! I need to try this... thanks for the idea!


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