The Craft Fanatic

My name is Sunni, and I love to craft, which is hilarious considering the fact that my Mom had to use military force to make me glue pom poms and wiggle eyes together to make a little furry creature when I was a kid. I finally gave in to my Mom’s unrelenting desire for me to become a full-fledged crafter when I realized that crafting can be cool. Here I am, about twenty years after the pom pom incident, crafting my little heart out. I’ve learned that being creative is what drives me to get out of bed every morning, but, ironically, I’ve also learned that I’ve developed a nasty case of craft insomnia--you know, the agonizing condition where you lie awake at night thinking of all the nifty stuff you want to make. I require toothpicks for eyelid props on the days following “insomnia episodes.” As for my personal life, I live in the Deep South with my amazing husband and our lovely dust bunnies. People say I’m the spitting image of my Mom, but I look a lot like my Dad too--minus the facial hair (he rocks a suave mustache and could be Sonny Bono’s long lost brother). That’s enough about me. Fire up those glue guns and, if you’re brave enough, come along for the ride as I get my craft on!

StRaNgE fAcTs AbOuT mE

I just discovered my love for spaghetti squash.

I am a sugar addict (seriously, I have a problem).

I “need” at least two napkins when I’m eating (you never know when a mess may occur. Be prepared, my friends).

I recently became fascinated with Harry Potter (I know, I’m behind the times).

I heart theme parks—especially Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure.

I just spilled coffee on my keyboard as I was typing this (oh, snap.). . .

I require depends (you know, the adult diapers?) when shopping at thrift stores.

Dogs melt my heart.

I wear my glue gun burn scars like badges of honor.

I think heat-n-bond is the best invention. ever.

I can’t whistle.

I could live on boiled peanuts for a year.

I enjoy leading worship.

If eating anything and everything wasn’t bad for you, I’d eat all. day. long.

I’d much rather bake than cook.

I’m a children’s minister (pretty strange, huh?).

I love making props for theatrical performances.

My craft studio is a wreck.

I struggle with hypothyroidism.

I love roller coasters.

I try to maintain a gluten- and dairy-free diet (but I cheat sometimes!).

My Mom and my Husband are my two bestest friends ever.

I am addicted to blogging.

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