Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby Steps. . .

Ever have those "face palm" moments?

You're going about your day, thinkin' you've got it together, and then BAM! You realize you forgot to do something? You then "face palm" by smacking your forehead with your palm. It's a thing.

And it happened to me today.

I got up early and put together my grocery list, which was largely Pinterest inspired. Pinterest shout out! I loaded up my car with my reusable grocery bags and lovely DIY produce bag, 'cause that's how I am trying so hard to roll. I busted a few moves a Zumba and then headed to my grocery store.

I had gotten through about half of my grocery list when the "face palm moment" hit. Quite literally. I left my reusable bags in the car. Oh, holy snap.

Okay, no need to fret. I'll make do. And I did. I just had royal gala apples and a head of cabbage rolling around in my cart. No worries, though. I wasn't wasting a gazillion plastic produce bags, so a little produce "rollage" is okay with me.

There's always next time. Baby steps, right?

I did have the bag boy put my grub in paper bags, which I have already put in the recycle bin (and put a couple aside to use again). See, I am a little "green." Maybe not leaf green, but maybe a little minty?

You'll have to wait until next week's shopping trip to see if I remember my "green" bags. I know you probably can't stand the suspense.

Until then, enjoy this random video that always makes tears run down my leg:



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