Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doggone Cute!

Did you know my husband and I adopted a child?

We had talked about adoption over the years, so when the opportunity arose to take in a sweet little one we took it.

And we're in love.

Without a doubt.

For real.


This is Taz.

He melts my heart and digs belly rubs. Pun totally intended.

He helps me clip coupons.

And he doesn't mind that I shamelessly exploit the "weiner dog thing."

Sweet little Taz inspired part of my latest crafty project.

I was in a crafting mood the other day. Glue gun in hand, I couldn't be stopped. I was like Mario with the star. . . except I wasn't pouncing on mushroom men, but on projects I had been putting off.

Remember the creepy kid picture I scooped up at a yard sale for a buck a while back? If not, reminisce with me here.

Time to put the creepy kid to rest with a little paint.

Back to the Taz.

Inspired by his amazing cuteness (not a proud parent at all, eh?) and this Ballard Designs art. . . 
 I whipped up this puppy. Yep, another pun.

Then I made the mistake of visiting Anthropologie's website. My head almost exploded.

I was inspired by this:

And this:

And this:

All of which manifested in the form of this:

FYI, all of the frames were purchased from yard sales or thrift stores. The "tree art" frame is also mentioned in the "Goodwill Hunting" post linked above.

I love this gossip bench because it belonged to my great-grandmother. The large green glass hobnail vase and the small light green dish were purchased from a thrift store. The small dark green vase was given to my grandmother when she graduated high school in the 50's. Lots of history tucked in this little nook!


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