Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anthro Lamp Shade Knockoff

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I'm completely obsessed with everything Anthropologie.

I love to walk through Anthro stores and wipe my chin as I gawk at their awesomeness.

Oh, and then there's the part when I pass out after peeking at their price tags.

I'm especially drawn to their nifty home decor--specifically, their lighting. So I thought I'd attempt to replicate one of their lamp shades.

So, let's shed some light on the subject, shall we?

Here's Anthro's version:

Yep, for $88.00 this lovely shade can be yours. . . or you can follow my tutorial and make one for next to nothin'. I thought you'd be interested. Read on, friends. Read on.

Oh, before we get started, here's how the lamp looked before its "Anthrozation." I think I paid about $3 for it (lamp and shade) at a thrift store. Not too shabby, eh?

Now, find some awesome fabric that you want to use to cover the shade. Almost any fabric will do. Just keep in mind that the color of the shade will likely show through your fabric. I actually used a sheer curtain panel from a thrift store. Price? $1. Holla. Cut the fabric into strips. I cut as many bad boys as I could get out of my curtain panel. 

Now get out your handy dandy glue gun . . .

. . . and glue one end of the fabric strip down on the inside of the shade as pictured above. Get it? Got it? Good. Movin' on.

Bunch your fabric and glue down in a random ruffle pattern. The beauty in this project is that you really can't mess it up! Ruffle away, peeps!

Keep moving vertically with this pattern until you cover the entire shade. 

And your finished product should look something like this:

Booyah, Anthro!


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