Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Now Bring You Another Depends Moment. . .

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Crazy things can happen on Halloween.

The crazies come out.

And they all showed up at Goodwill this Halloween.

Which doesn't say much for me since I was among them. . .

For months now I've been looking for a busted-up china cabinet or hutch to redo. It had to be shabby & it had to be cheap. So on this particular day I strongly regretted leaving home without my depends when I laid eyes on the piece I'd been dreaming of: a broken-down, grimy china cabinet.

Yep, I peed a little.

Here's a before pic in my junked-up garage. Don't judge:

Like the reflection of the yellow-handled broom in the glass door? Photography at its best.

I gave this beast some TLC, paint, and glaze. Here's the glorious "after" shot:

And then came the funnest (yeppers, I just said "funnest") part of all--packing it full of stuff.

Found these vintage S & P shakers @ a yard sale for 2 buckeroos. Holla!

I used lots of my Great-Grandmother's china to fill the shelves. I love the vintage look it gives my kitchen!

A mason jar full of vintage buttons and the cake topper from my great-grandparents' 50th anniversary cake finishes off the look.

It makes me smile every time I walk in my kitchen. : )

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  1. Wow! You've been busy. That's beautiful, as well as the mantel. Glad you stopped by my blog, come back and enter the Shabby Apple necklace giveaway here


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